About YETI

How did YETI originate?

Ecology is a vast discipline and its various facets are studied across the country, all the way from sophisticated laboratories in large institutions to small NGOs in little towns. In August 2008, an effort was launched in Bangalore to create opportunities for better networking and shared learning among the community of ecology students in and around Bangalore which resulted in SMEECS ’08(Students Meet in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Science). In 2009, the event was rechristened YETI (Young Ecologists Talk and Interact). Students from all over India were invited to participate in this meet and join an online forum of student ecologists.

Why ‘YETI’?

First because it is catchy and cool! But we realized that the YETI is an appropriate mascot of this conference for another reason. It is symbolic of the work ecologists do – search for the mysterious and unknown in the natural world, in the hope that there is something exciting to be discovered just around the corner.

Who organizes YETI?

YETI is an all-student event – for students, by students. The organizers of YETI 2009  are attached to the following institutions in Bangalore and Mysore –  Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Nature Conservation Foundation, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, Wildlife Institute of India and Centre for Wildlife Studies.

We invite students and researchers across the country to volunteer to help with YETI in the future.

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