Selected Abstracts

Oral presentations

Ankur Shringi Modeling of Phytoplankton Bloom-Dynamics Observed in Sundarban-Delta Region
Dipanjan Naha Review of human-tiger conflict across the tiger distribution range
Gajendra  Singh Spatial distribution and conservation status of Banj oak (Q. leucotrichophora)
Harshada Pethe Population status of feral elephants and their impact on selected tree species
Kalpana Das Use of geometric morphometrics to assess head shape variation in Duttaphrynus
Kamal Gosai Sarus Crane:Population, Nests, Eggs and People’s Perception
Madhura Davate MSTrIPES – A Cultural Shift to Adaptive Management
Manas Badge Tree-rings to understand Climate Change
Nayan Jyoti Gogoi A survey of orchid of Mouling National Park, Arunachal Pradesh
Ninad Mungi Distribution and reasons of successful plant invasion in India
Rathinakumar Thangam Diversity and abundance of Ephemeroptera larvae in Nambiyar, South Western Ghats
Sandeep Sharma Genetic Structure of Tigers (Panthera tigris) in Central India
Sayantan Das Co-existing with thy neighbour: Territoriality and social dynamics of free-ranging dogs (Canis familiaris) in a semi-rural habitat
Supriya k Relationship between phylogenetic divergence and divergence in sperm morphology
Tamal Roy Testing the spatial cognitive ability among juvenile zebrafish, Danio rerio
Trishna Dutta Cryptic Population Genetic Structure in Leopard Meta-population of Central India
Uddipana Kalita Diet Selection by Capped Langur Trachypithecus pileatus in Hollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary


A Rathina Kumar A preliminary study on social grooming in Cynopterus sphinx
Anirban Das Subaerial hunting by Natica Tigrina in the intertidal flat of Chandiput, Orissa
Aparajitha Ramesh Mutualism between treehoppers and ants
Ayan Sadhu Monitoring the source population of tiger in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, India
Chandramouli SR A taxonomic review of the endemic frog family Micrixalidae in the Western Ghats
Debashish Behera Orchids ecology in Similipal Biosphere Reserve, Odisha and its conservation
Deepjay Sarkar  Comparing effect of latitudinal gradient vslocal environment of marine bivalves
Jithu Anirudhan Style length – whether sexually selected or not?
Kalloli Dutta Mapping of vegetation types and disturbance patterns in southern Western ghats.
Kamala Haripal Restoration of tropical agroecosystems through natural secondary succession
Lakshmi  B Understanding ecological dynamics in a managed forest ecosystem in Odisha
Madhumita  Panigrahi Avifaunal distribution along the altitudinal gradient in Agasthyamalai Hills
Mohammed Yaseen Invasive alien Flora of Chittaurgarh district, Northwest India
Narayan Prasad Koju Seasonal survey of the Large eared pika at Langtang National Park, Nepal
Neelima Mishra Traditional winter grazing area management by Monpa community
Nikhil  Gaitonde Temporal variation in predation risk builds personality does not allocate risk!
Pankaj Koparde Multiple taxa approach for identification of conservation priority areas
Preeti Saryan Dietary assessment of two stream dwelling anurans: role of ecology and body size
Priyamvada Bagaria Land use change modelling for data scarce areas like Roztocze in Poland
Sajesh Vijayan Study on efficiency of mimicry in ant-mimicking spiders
Sarbani Nag Breeding habitats of Himalayan Crocodile Salamander in Darjeeling
Sasmita Nayak Impact of cattle on wild ungulates in Kanha-Pench corridor, Madhya Pradesh
Seshadri KS Ecological and economic benefits of anurans to paddy agriculture in south India
Shilpa Sen Habitat complexity in relation to Brachyuran crab diversity in Mangrove
Shreekant Deodhar Exploring behavioural syndromes in the Indian Rock Agama (Psammophilus dorsalis)
Shrinivas Kadabagere Impact of unseasonal Forest fires on the nesting Malabar Pied Hornbill
Sonam Tomar Nilgai Habitat Evaluation in Asola-Bhatti WLS, Delhi Using Geospatial Modelling
Sooraj  Ben K.R. Conditioned reflex and group behavior in fishes
Sunita Khatiwara Abundance of small carnivores in Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary, Sikkim.
Swaraj Kumar Baral Sparrow conservation-a case study of Pununabandha village
Swayam Chowdhary Crop protection and elephant conservation in North Kanara district, Karnataka
Tanushree Srivastava Distribution of mid-altitude ungulates in Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary, Sikkim.
Tawqir Bashir Using photographic captures and re-captures to estimate density of leopard cat
Yash Sondhi Moths as bio-indicators to assess the impact of urbanization on habitat quality



Anjali A Optimal foraging strategies in ants
Anjana T S Study of foraging pattern of stinging bee and sting less bees (regional)
Anupriya  Karippadath Ecology of Nepenthes khasiana in South Garo Hills
Archana Guleria Ecological assessment of lichen diversity, it’s relation to biotic pressures
Ashish Nerlekar Biases involved in two methods for dietary analysis of the Spotted owlet
Atul Babar Ecology of marine intertidal bivalve Gafrarium divaricatum from Mumbai coast
Bharat Bhushan Sharma DNA isolation from molted feathers and dependence of DNA quantity on size and condition of feather
Bharti Dharapuram Foraging ecology of green turtles in the Lakshadweep Islands
Chirag Rai Energy use patterns in the Darjeeling Himalayas-opportunities for sustainable use models
Devadatta Naik Millipede diversity of India at Family level
Ganesan Kittusamy How organic farming rich the biodiversity ?
Geetanjali Vaidya Dynamics of crowding-adapted D. melanogaster populations
Gibin Bose Optimal foraging behaviour in adults of butterfly Eurema hecabe
Holdingstone Kharbani Seasonal patterns in ant activity in a forest habitat of the Khasi Hills
Jaydev Mandal Bioresources utilization strategy of Deepor Beel WLS a Ramsar site
Jenner Prince Abundance and distribution of Athene brama and Otus bakkamoena in MCC campus,Chennai
Joseph Erinjery Comparative behavioural ecology of primates in south India
Kamalika Dey Different foraging techniques and body parts used by langur and macaque
Kankana Biswas Urban Avifauna : observations from Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata
Karthik K Status of House sparrows
Karuna Gurung Invasive species mgnt in Sikkim-opportunity for community livelihood enhancement
Keshab Gogoi Investigations on herpetofaunal diversity of Merbeel, district Dibrugarh, Assam
Kubendran Thangavel Hydrochemistry and generic diversity of aquatic insects from southern Western Ghats
Manali Rane Study of roost sites of Pteropus giganteus (Indian Flying Fox) in Pune city
Maniza  Choudhury A preliminary study on the diversity of moths in Cachar distric, Assam
Manvi Sharma Testing the waters: oviposition site selection (OSS) in female mosquitoes in response to larval predation and competition
Maria Varghese Habitat distribution of funnel web spider in CET campus, Thiruvavananthapuram
Md Anisur Rahman Preliminary survey on Chiroptera population in Cachar districts, Barak Valley
Mofidul Islam Substrate utilization pattern of the Western Hoolock Gibbon (Hoolock hoolock)
Mohammed Yaseen Population composition of Sarus Crane in Banswara distric, Rajasthan
Mohini Gupta Growing stock and woody biomass assessment in Asola- Bhatti WLS, Delhi
Moumita Ghosh Meiofaunal community from ecologically important sites of coastal Odisha
Rajan P Waders and waterfowls of Tsunami inundated wetlands of South Andaman Islands.
Munmun Chakrabarty Patterns of the fish community along environment gradient of Teesta river, W.B
Nazneen Sheikh Avian Diversity of Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary, Aravalli Hills, North West, India
Preeti Virkar Pollinators of Doon Valley: a preliminary survey
Priscilla Philip Meiobenthos from the West Coast of India- novel insights into benthic production
Pritesh Nandivikar Potential of avifauna in wetland region, Rajasthan-a case study of Sabla
Priyamvada Bagaria Integrated LUC Modelling and miodiversity assessment for rubber plantations
Pushkar  Sharma The spatial epidemiology of Foorkey disease in large cardamom (Amomum subulatum)
Rashmi Singh Food for thought: fodder requirements of livestock in Trans-Himalayas
Ritu Paban Borah Estimation of soil organic carbon pool under selected Bamboo species of North-East India
Rohan Bhagat Anthropogenic pressure on Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Chandrapur, Maharashtra
Rohitashva  Shukla Spatial variations in fish assemblages in hill streams of Central India
Sanket Shirgaonkar Socioeconomic and climate change impact on fisherman communities of Ratnagiri
Shrisendu Ghosh Study on environmental status of Bidyadhari River, West Bengal  in relation to aquaculture
Shivam Shrotriya Status and distribution of wolves in the Himalayas
Shruti Sengupta Mapping distribution and understanding conservation status of Himalayan Salamander
Shruti Singh Studies on distribution and density of Butterflies in urban habitats of Mysore
Shweta Shivakumar A study of Human-leopard conflict in Periyapatna taluk, Mysore District
Siddhartha Dabhi  Resilience, sustainability and pastoralism: the case of the ‘    Maldharies’ in Gujarat
Sunil Kale  Study of private forests in five southern districts of Maharashtra    Western Ghats
Thejasvi Beleyur  Kin recognition in social spiders: an analysis using social networks  in S. sarasinorum
Titash Choudhury  Diet analysis of Golden jackal (Canis aureus) in Lothian Wildlife  Sanctuary
Tushar Pawar  Estimating tiger density by camera trapping sampling in Melghat  Tiger Reserve

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